Tonder has two modes of operation that allow for seamless integration and testing. These modes are designed to make it easier for developers and testers to work with the software and to ensure its stability and reliability. By taking advantage of this, users can simulate different scenarios and identify issues before they become critical problems.

To learn how to connect providers in sandbox or production mode, refer to the Connections page in the guides.

Sandbox Mode (

Tonder’s Sandbox Mode, also known as Test Mode, provides a secure environment for developers to test their integration with Tonder. Here are the key features of Tonder’s sandbox:

  • True Sandbox Integration: Tonder seamlessly integrates with the sandboxes of configured processors, ensuring a comprehensive testing environment.

  • Test Data Compatibility: Utilize test cards or credentials provided by processors seamlessly within Tonder’s Test Mode. The test data is fully compatible, facilitating accurate simulation.

  • Credentials Validation: Tonder exclusively accepts and validates sandbox credentials of processors, ensuring security and accuracy during Test Mode entry.

  • Thorough Testing: Finalizing and thoroughly testing your integration in Tonder’s Test Mode is strongly recommended before transitioning to Live Mode. This step ensures the robustness and reliability of your integration.

Production Mode (

In Production Mode, Tonder establishes connections with the live accounts of integrated processors, allowing you to go live instantly once your integration using Test Mode is complete.

Make sure to thoroughly test your integration in Test Mode before transitioning to Production Mode.