Tonder API has been implemented around RESTful. Our API uses standard HTTP protocols where JSON payloads are returned in response to the HTTP requests. All operations can be performed via GET, POST, and PATCH requests.


This API Reference can be used with either of the following URLs as the base for making requests:


Tonder API uses the API Key security schema to authenticate HTTP requests. These keys are unique alphanumeric codes or tokens generated by Tonder as an API provider to authorize and authenticate access to their API. Think of it as a digital “key” that opens the door to specific API endpoints, ensuring that only authorized users or systems can make requests and retrieve data.

Token-based authentication is a widely used and secure method to authenticate clients in web applications. In this approach, an API key, known as the token, is generated and provided to the client. The token is a unique and confidential string that acts as a form of credentials. To use it, you need to include it in the Authorization header of your HTTP requests.

How to use your API Key

To ensure that the header of your document contains the correct information, please include the word “Token” followed by a space and your unique token, as exemplified below:

  • Authorization: Token ed883bd42c31f669df054b7c239a89fc3a5f6cca

Additional Information

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or if you’d like to review our terms of service with the links below: