This guide will walk you through the initial setup of your connections and guide you in making your first test payments.

  1. Creation of your sandbox account: The team of Tonder will provide you with an account in Sandbox. Here you’ll just have to change your password and configure your organizational details.
  1. Adding your first connections: Navigate to the Connections section and select the payment providers you wish to integrate with Tonder. Just enter your payment provider Sandbox (test) API keys and click “Connect.” Confirm in the “Your Connections” section that the PSPs have been successfully connected.
  1. Configure routing rules: For static routing, go to “your connections” in the Connections section and simply drag and drop the order of routing you would like to have. We encourage our merchants to start with static routing for 30 days, so we can have enough data to start orchestrating through our Dynamic Routing section.
  1. Customize your checkout: Go to Checkout and customize your checkout with your branding themes. Go can add your logo and theme colors. This feature is mostly used for Payment Links.
  1. Get your API Key credentials: Go to Developers section and enter “API Keys”. There you’ll find your Tonder’s API credentials needed to add the integration as your payment frame in your store.

Now let’s go to Process your first payment