API Keys

Within the Developers section, you’ll discover your authentication credentials for seamless integration with Tonder. Authentication forms the core of every interaction within the Tonder ecosystem.

  • Public API Key: These credentials serve as the gateway to your operations and provide access to all accounts linked with your organization.

  • Account ID: These are your unique ID credentials for Sandbox and Production.


Webhooks in a Tonder serve as a crucial mechanism for real-time communication and event notification. Here’s how they work:

  • Event Triggering: Various events or triggers occur during the payment process. These events can include successful payments, failed transactions, refunds, or any other significant payment-related activity.

  • Webhook Configuration: Users or administrators set up webhooks within the platform, specifying the URL of the endpoint where they want to receive event notifications. This endpoint is typically owned and managed by the user’s system or application.

  • Event Occurrence: When an event matching the configured webhook occurs (e.g., a successful payment), the platform generates an event payload containing relevant information about the event, such as transaction details, payment status, and timestamps.

  • Endpoint Processing: The user’s system or application, which owns the webhook endpoint, receives the incoming POST request. It processes the event payload and performs actions based on the event information. These actions can include updating internal records, sending notifications to customers or administrators, or triggering other workflows.

  • Acknowledgement: After processing the event, the user’s system typically sends a response (e.g., an HTTP status code) to acknowledge the webhook notification.