Tonder’s checkout customization options empower businesses to tailor the checkout experience to their specific needs. Tonder offers two distinct types of checkout experiences: the Alternative Tab and the Embedded Payment Frame. These customizable checkout solutions enable businesses to create a seamless and branded payment experience that aligns with their brand identity and enhances user engagement.

Alternative Tab Checkout:

The “Alternative Tab” checkout is a payment processing solution where, upon initiating the payment process, a new browser tab or window opens to handle the transaction. This separate tab allows customers to complete their payment securely while keeping the original website or app visible in the background.

It provides a seamless user experience by ensuring that the payment flow doesn’t disrupt the main browsing session. This method is often used when businesses want to maintain a clear separation between their website or app and the payment process.

Embedded Payment Frame Checkout:

Embedded Payment Frame checkout integrates the entire payment process directly within the website or app interface. Here, customers enter their payment details within a designated frame or window that is part of the website or app’s user interface.

This approach provides a more cohesive and visually consistent experience, as customers don’t need to navigate to a new tab or window. It’s often chosen when businesses want to keep users engaged on their site throughout the payment process, enhancing the perception of a unified and secure transaction experience.