The Transaction Details page provides you with information about the payment. It presents all the relevant details related to the transaction.

Payment IDUnique identifier associated with the payment.
Order IDUnique identifier for the particular order.
Client InfoInformation related to the client associated with a transaction.
TimelineChronological sequence of events related to a transaction.


The timeline section will present a card for each payment processing attempt. Each card will present details about each attempt, along with an option to access the payment processor’s raw response. The image below exemplifies a card found in here:

The table below presents the information found for each attempt:

ReferenceThe reference ID of the attempt on the processor’s system.
Creation DateDate when the transaction was attempted.
AmountThe monetary value associated with the transaction attempt.
CurrencyThe currency in which the amount is expressed.
TypeThe type of the transaction (payment, dispute).
StatusThe current status of the transaction attempt.
Payment ProcessorThe payment processor used for the processing attempt.
Eye Icon (👁️)Button to open the raw response from the payment processor.


From this detailed page you can execute refunds by clicking the refund button presented at the top-right corner of the screen.

It is important to note that the ability to issue partial refunds may vary depending on the policies of each payment processor.