Payment Links represent a versatile payment tool. These are unique URLs or hyperlinks generated by Tonder, designed to simplify and streamline the payment process for businesses and their customers.

The Payment Links section of Tonder’s dashboard gives you an overview of all your generated payment links, and details about each are presented as a table. These details are as follows:

ProductThe name or identifier of the payment link.
AmountThe monetary value or price set for the payment link.
Link URLThe unique URL provided to users to access and make payments.
StatusThe current status of the payment link (e.g., Active, Inactive).
CreatedThe date or timestamp when the payment link was created.
Arrow (>)Access to each payment link’s details page on the dashboard.

In this section, Tonder allows you to easily create payment links, access each link details page, and customize the payment links’ checkout page to match your brand’s style.


Tonder makes it easy for businesses to generate custom Payment Links for various purposes, including invoicing, online shopping, donations, and event registrations. To create a new payment link, follow these steps:



Click the +Create button on the top-right corner of the screen to be redirect to the creation page.


Required fields

Fill in the required fields. The table below presents all available fields:

ProductYesThe name or identifier of the product associated with the payment link.
DescriptionYesAdditional details or information about the product or payment link.
AmountYesThe monetary value associated with the payment link.
CurrencyYesThe currency in which the amount is expressed.
QuantityYesThe quantity or number of units of the product.
Redirection URLNoThe URL to which users are redirected after payment completion.
Expiry DateNoThe date when the payment link expires.
Payment MethodsNoAccepted payment methods beyond cards for the payment link.


Click the Create new link button at the top of the screen.

Below you find an example of a payment link creation:

And now an example of executing payment for the created payment link using Tonder as the payment processor:

Each created payment link has its respective details page in the dashboard. You can copy or open the payment link’s URL and edit the following additional data:

The image below exemplifies the details page of the link created earlier in this guide:


Tonder allows you to customize the checkout experience for your customers by adding your logo and brand colors to match your branding when they use one of your payment links.

This can be done by accessing the Branding page, through the Payment Links section. Click the Branding button at the top-right corner to be redirected there. The customizable options are:

Company LogoUpload the logo representing the company or brand.
Checkout ColorThe background color used in the checkout button.
Background ColorThe background color of the order details.
Text in Checkout ColorThe color of text elements within the checkout button.
Text in Orders DetailsThe color of text elements within the order details.

Remember to Save your changes.