The Settlement Details page in Tonder’s dashboard provides in-depth information about each settlement. This page will guide you through the details you can access for each settlement.

Settlement details overview

When you click on a specific settlement row in the Finances section, you are directed to the Settlement Details page. Here, you can view comprehensive information about the settlement, including:

AmountThe total monetary value of the settlement.
StatusThe current status of the settlement (e.g., pending, paid).
Settlement IDA unique identifier for the settlement.
Account DetailsThe bank account information where the settlement will be deposited.
ChargesThe total amount of charges included in the settlement.
AdjustmentsAny adjustments made to the settlement amount, such as corrections or changes.
RefundsThe total amount of refunds processed within the settlement period.
Rolling ReserveFunds held to cover potential risks and liabilities, to be released at a later date.

Transaction details

Within the Settlement Details page, you can also access detailed information about each transaction included in the settlement. This includes:

TypeThe nature of the transaction (e.g., charge, refund, dispute won).
AmountThe monetary value of the transaction.
FeesAny fees associated with the transaction.
Net TotalThe amount after deducting fees.
DateThe date when the transaction occurred.

The timeline helps you track the progress of your settlement and anticipate when the funds will be available in your bank account.