Explore Tonder’s payment infrastructure, specifically designed for digital commerce companies. This section provides developers and businesses with a straightforward, step-by-step guide to create their first payment and smoothly integrate our solution into their platform.

Tonder simplifies online payments, making them faster and more secure. Many businesses globally face challenges in managing various payment methods, fraud, and processing costs. We solve these issues by providing a single integration that allows any company to accept all payment methods and effectively manage fraud. Tonder enhances payment and customer experiences by addressing problems like low approval rates, costly development processes, and fraud management.

Tonder’s main features

Features aimed at enhancing businesses’ payment processing capabilities, such as:

  1. Routing (static or dynamic): Direct payment transactions to the appropriate payment processors or acquirers. Static routing uses predefined rules, while dynamic routing adjusts based on real-time factors like cost or performance.
  2. Checkout customization: Allows businesses to tailor the appearance and functionality of their online payment pages to match their brand and customer preferences, providing a seamless and branded payment experience.
  3. Payment links: URLs generated by businesses to request payments from customers. They can be shared through various channels like email or messaging apps, enabling convenient and secure payment collection.
  4. PCI DSS tokenization: Tokenization is a security practice that replaces sensitive payment card data with unique tokens. This protects cardholder information and reduces the risk of data breaches.
  5. Reconciliations: Reconciliation involves comparing and matching financial data from various sources to ensure accuracy and consistency. In the context of payments, it ensures that records of transactions and settlements align with each other.
  6. Dashboard analytics: Provide businesses with visualized data and insights about their payment operations. It helps them monitor transaction trends, track performance, and make informed decisions to optimize their payment processes.

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