Utilizing Tonder’s PCI Vault, you can secure your customers’ payment data through tokenization, offering advantages such as streamlined checkouts and user-controlled card management. Tokenization involves replacing sensitive payment details with a temporary, one-time token, and when you employ Tonder for tokenization, we take on the responsibility for PCI compliance, allowing you to create and manage payment instruments by tokenizing user payment information in our vault, with each instrument associated with a unique ID.

Safeguarding Cardholder Information

We maintain the highest security standards to protect card data in your checkout:

  • Isolated Network: Card data resides on a distinct network infrastructure, and decryption keys are stored on separate machines, ensuring complete separation. The cards are never accessible in plain text to any system.
  • Network tokenization: Security technique that replaces sensitive payment card information with unique tokens during transmission over a network, enhancing data protection and reducing the risk of fraud.